How to Hungryroot

I am a Hungryroot customer and have been for over a year. I truly love their service, and know it’s had a significant impact in helping me lose weight and gain energy. Here are my tips for how to best Hungryroot…

Keep it simple to start

Your box contains a mix of fresh-cut veggies, delicious sauces and tasty proteins that can be combined into quick-and-easy meals. Each week contains a list of possible meals, and there are tons of other fun recipes in the Hungryroot Catalog (both of which are also available in your online account). Trust me, these quick-made meals are delicious. No need to reinvent the wheel, just start out using their dozens of combinations to make unique and healthy meals.

In two minutes, you can make the Cold Peanut Zucchini Noodles lunch. In nine minutes, you can make the Kohlrabi Tofu Eggplant Pasta dinner. There are endless options that’ll keep you happy and feeling great every day.

Organize your fridge

When the food arrives, you’ll notice the packaging for each ingredient is lovely and colorful. They stack incredibly well in the fridge, so carve out your Hungryroot section and make way for your weekly delivery. Your fridge will instantly look chicer and organized. After I received my second box, I decided that my whole fridge should be this clean and then reordered nearly everything inside. It took five minutes tops, and I felt amazing afterwards..

Think outside the box

Over time, you’ll start to get ideas on how to use Hungryroot as part of other dishes. Hungryroot provides recipe recommendations, but there are no rules about how you have to prepare and enjoy the food. I’ve found myself adding greens into leftovers, or using the sauces for a completely different meal, or just snacking on the desserts without baking (my favorite is the Black Bean Brownie Batter).

Provide feedback!

One of the best parts of Hungryroot is that you can customize your delivery, so you only get sent your favorite meals and there’s always new variety to taste. As part of your online account, you can review dishes and future deliveries then factor this into your box. If you want a break or will be travelling, you can simply pause your delivery and pick back up whenever ready. Plus, the customer support team is excellent and always interested in learning about your experience.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed learning about my path to healthy eating!